Tuesday, 5 November 2019

PENN News Term 4

This is our last PENN movie for Room 11 2019. I really enjoyed dressing up and putting on a play. I liked learning about how to keep ourselves safe in and around water at Glen Innes Aquatics. Making Fruit kababs was awesome. Playing Chubby Bunny for our our writing experience. Our treasure box has been full of fun and treats and slime. Reading about pizza and then we made pizza. We went to the beach to explore the rock pools, that was lot of fun. We have had so much fun learning together in Room 11.

Thursday, 15 August 2019

rocky shore

The Zones of the Rocky Shore - ReportImage result for The rocky shore
Walt: we are learning to write a report.

Zones of the Rocky Shore
Body 1
Supratidal or Splash zone
Crabs , jellyfish, snails, barnacles
Body 2
- High Tide zone
- Middle Tide Zone
- Low Tide Zone 
Limpet / hermit / crab / mussel / chiton / red algae / bamacle / 
Sea Star /  sea anemone
Body 3
Subtidal zone
Fish / sea star / sea weed / isopods / barnacles and  limpets 
We are going to see the rocky shore this mouth.